——    Teaching interactive whiteboard blackboard ushered out of th

Teaching interactive whiteboard blackboard ushered out of the market

Teachers are satisfied that the interactive whiteboard to the various needs of teacher education in the auditorium supply more possibilities . Interactive whiteboard can freely forward or backward flip, making education even more sensitive and can spontaneously according to the situation of the auditorium to turn the page. Interactive whiteboard touch function makes it possible to use a variety of resources in a timely manner so that the teacher can use the pre- collected resources without demand arrange them all in sequence , so that switching between a variety of increasingly active circulation , then there land progressive education power .

Despite spending more time with interactive whiteboard lesson planning needs , but to see the reaction of the students are so active it allows teachers delighted . As a preface interactive whiteboard can advance student comments , and each of them a relatively better promote interactive computer auditorium . Interactive whiteboard can be carried out to promote students' mathematical thinking , making them more pride to comment on questions , looking for answers. Useful arouse interest in learning . For more of their questions to clarify their deep thinking has been useful to carry out . Interactive whiteboard as a preface , can arouse students' questions about their hobby sense thinking . As the teacher education at the interactive whiteboard , the whole operation can clearly see the students , so it advances the quality of students' computers unknowingly .

As the interactive whiteboard that teachers can retain , share and re-use whiteboard resources, so it will eventually be able to shorten the preparation time teachers , and began to spend more time preparing lessons are the equivalent of an excellent contribution . Teacher's professional skills have been carried out in the preparation process, due to the teachers to think more long preparation questions. From the viewpoint of the campus , because teachers are more sexual gather resources, and resources can be reused, so in the long run , you can save the cost of education on campus , and then to optimize the intent auditorium education.

Interactive whiteboard that the vast majority of discussion on the auditorium played a role in the promotion of education , in particular, can arouse students' motivation and progress of student learning preferences. However, these discussions are concentrated on the interactive whiteboard loving student queries , the impact on student motivation and education to students using interactive whiteboard proud heart , about how the interactive whiteboard skills and education be abundant blend of lecture , how in education seminar plenty of play in the interactive whiteboard and other aspects of special functions is relatively small.