——    What arc blackboard special ink is

What arc blackboard teaching special ink is

Selection of common environmental formulations , non-toxic odor , writing handwriting was membranous , after scrubbing with small pieces or strips fall, can not afford to dust, sticky hands and body, is to replace the traditional blackboard chalk educational aspirations of goods , so that real dust-free educational environment , teachers and students from a broad complete history before eating chalk and chalk for teachers and well-being is completely out of line damage .

2 , scrub convenient

Ink pen tube directly to the use of handwriting was writing a film , after scrubbing with small pieces or strips fall, can not afford to dust, sticky hands and body, not rendered flower plate appearances , the ink was wet or dry matter states can easily wipe off , if the long-term use of subtle flower board , without any detergent , just use a damp cloth to recover light touch . These features are currently on the market in general can not wait until the ink .

3 , low cost

Each 10ml special inks uniform from 4000 to 5000 words on the blackboard , a bottle of ink 100ml, refillable ink 10 times , with a total capacity of 40,000 words or more writing .

Chalk 1.5-2 yuan / box , both throw and many losses, the loss rate of 8 to 10 percent in a box of chalk to write up to 3000-4000 words or so , the teacher hands Nianman dust, erase hard and difficult to wipe, will show flower board and affect vision, writing and erasing process occurred chalk dust is inhaled and students , and pollution of the classroom. Liquid blackboard pen 5-7 yuan / support , lossless a pen to write more than 3,000 words , plus reusable ink use , such as with a pen writing on the blackboard the teacher , and self- conditioning handwriting thickness ( pen writing on the blackboard with a control fluid valve head , simply put pressure on the tip for a little while when you use that ) can no pollution , writing in circulation , easy to clean without pollution board and flower plates, liquid pen write film form blocks and thin strips of fine , dust-free , non-toxic when scrubbing , clean and green . Ink 0.8 to 0.85 yuan / 10ml filling ink can be repeated more than 4,000 words to write with the pen ink cough can be repeated after filling ink formulations non-toxic, environmentally friendly fit demand .